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This wiki exists primarily as an archive to document various problems on multiple individual wikis. The copyright on any individual page may be one of:

  • Creative Commons BY-NC-SA, for material from Uncyclopedia, as well as various Uncyclopedia-related wikis outside Wikia
  • GNU GFDL, for material from Wikipedia or most Wikia (except Uncyclopedia and Memory Alpha)
  • Reports from mainstream media are copyright; the amount of text which can be quoted from such sources is governed by the doctrine of "fair dealing" (see for details on intellectual property law and fair dealing)
  • Any trademarks are used solely for identification of their respective organisations under fair dealing. The term "complaint wiki" itself is not a trademark or registered trademark.

The source, license and authorship must be identified on each page archived here from outside sources.

The default for content newly-originated here is Creative Commons BY-NC-SA, a non-commercial license. There are and will be no advertisements on this site.