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This site was created in late 2008 as a means to archive the historical record of various problems which individual communities were having with a commercial wiki farm. There had been many complaints, largely due to Wikia Inc. moves to force an ad-heavy reskin onto projects, engage in a spree of layoffs of technical support staff and operate in a directly confrontational manner in cases where dissatisfied user groups attempted to leave Wikia and host their content elsewhere.

All too often, problems newly identified by one wiki community turned out to be merely repetition of the same issues which had already drawn the ire of other wikis on previous occasions. Unfortunately, not only was all this information not available in one easy-to-locate place, but much of it was scattered across various forum and discussion pages on various wikis - some of which were still Wikia hosted and therefore subject to this record being deleted at any time.

Effectively, this site is intended to serve as the virtual equivalent of the traditional "vertical file" in which a public library would gather news clippings on one topic, one organisation or one issue. For the most part, this is not intended to be a venue to originate new content or a wiki community in its own right in anything more than an incidental rĂ´le.