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The following complaint was sent last august/september (2008) to wikia-admins (Angela and others) by Email function. Since I never received a reply, I'll post it here. It is not my custom to publish these kinds of things, and that's why I havent done so until now. But I think it's very rude that I never received a reply, not even confirmation of receipt. So here goes nothing.

To the Wikia staff.

I hereby file a complaint concerning one of your ex-janitors, who is at the moment still an admin on Wikia central and goes by the nickname of Manticore.

To give a picture what the matter is, a short history.

I started editing wikis about three years ago, writing for Uncyclopedia and the Dutch Wikipedia

About half a year later, i exchanged Uncyclopedia for the dutch version, Oncyclopedia: . During these last two years this site has grown considerably and has a growing community and number of readers. I became admin there after a few months and I still am, enjoying it very much.

Then we opened an IRC channel and i came in touch with other people with ideas for wikis. So after a while I (we) started two wikis with Wikia: Paradoxology and Irratiopedia [ .

and here the problems started. At one point, a wikia janitor, Jack Phoenix, made a hard redirect on his Paradox talk page to his Wikia central talk page. I asked him not to do that, but instead make a soft redirect, so talks on paradoxology would stay on the site. He didn't react to that, so i changed his talk page. He reverted that, and i asked him again to not do that. he didn't react to that (neither on the site or on IRC), so I changed his talk page again. He reverted my edit and I blocked him for a day. This created quite a stir and I was called aside by... I believe it was Catherine, on IRC. She asked about the ban and when i explained, she said it was a bit harsh, so I uplifted the ban. I asked her if there was a Wikia policy on hard redirects, and she said no. Then I asked if I, as a founder and admin, was free to make local policy on the redirect thing. As her answer was affirmative, i put the policy on the site. Then i talked to Jack Phoenix, and the matter was solved....

until Manticore came on the site the next day with a few (Uncyclopedia) buddies and they made hard redirects on their talk pages. It was a provocation. I changed their hard redirects into soft ones and told them the policy. Manticore didn't aprove of this, for het started accusing me of sysop abuse on the IRC-channels and following me all over the internet, registering on every site i was active on and generally picking fights with me. The discussion went on, but when someone gave him operator status he banned me from the uncyclopedia IRC channel. I went to the wikia channel, trying to talk to someone, but he interfered and banned me from the wikia-channel. Then i got angry and i posted a dutch cheese with the word “scrotum” on his Uncyclopedia talk page after which he blocked me for two days. I was still very angry and tried to get uncyclopedia admins to interfere. I talked with Olipro, but i guess he got fed up, so he changed the ban into a permanent one.

Since it seemed that i couldn't get any help on this issue, either from Uncyclopedia or from Wikia, and since Manticore was a wikia janitor, with admin powers on all the Wikia wikis, i decided to stop editing Wikia wikis. I asked Catherine to take away my rights on Paradoxology an Irratiopedia, which she did. (This of course was reason for Manticore to go around telling everyone i was fired, which I was not).

Now i thought that would be the end of it, but no.

Manticore kept on harrassing me wherever he could. Every time an admin unbanned me on the Uncyclopedia IRC channel, he banned me again. People who tried to speak up for me he banned too.

Also he kept on stalking me, registering on sites I was (admin) on, like UnMeta and UnCommons, maybe to tempt me to block him there, which I didnt, because he never edited on those sites (as on none of the sites he registers on).

Then after a few months, there suddenly came vandalist attacks on Oncyclopedia by a certain Manticore. These vandalist insults aimed at me were done via an open proxy. Now this doesn't prove he did it, but it doesn't prove he didn't do it either. Who did it and why is the question. Maybe it was someone who didn't approve of Manticore's actions either? Or was it himself in such a way that he could afterwards say it was someone else? And why would he brag about it a half year later? (The following citations (08/08/2008) were intercepted on IRC):

-(12:19:27)- <Manticore> "I've checked the IP. It is Manticore." (here he cites me)
-(12:19:30)- <Manticore> that made me lol so hard
-(12:19:47)- <Manticore> seeing as I edit reguarly from four different dynamic ranges
-(12:19:57)- <Manticore> none of which he would know about

His bannings and insults went on. The last time he banned me was a around the fifth of august 2008. He just comes on the channel, sees my name and bans me. Also on other channels where i come for help on other issues(like the freenode channel) he interferes and tries to put me down as a troll and a vandal.

Then about 3 weeks ago I saw that Manticore was fired as a Wikia janitor. Since I (thought I) wouldn't have to be afraid of his unsollicited interference, I started working on the Weedwiki: . When Manticore found out, he edited my userpage there, with denigrating insults in the commentary and also started shouting insults on IRC, which were intercepted and part of which I posted on my user page at the Cannabis wiki. I ask you to look there at the recent changes of the 8th of august. Manticore received a warning from the admin there.

Now I am a mature man, running my own business in reallife. In my leisure time i like to write stories and articles on wikis, on a few of which i am admin/bureaucrat. I do this for fun and without asking anything in return, but enjoyment from my free contributions and the betterment of the sites i work on.

Manticore is an anti-social, immature person, who lets his actions be guided by personal feelings and vindictiveness. He has a general negative attitude towards wikis and their contributors. There is no reason for him stalking me and he's ruining my appetite for writing on wikis. His actions have already killed two wikia wikis in my case and now he started to obstruct my editing on the weedwiki. He is obsessed with banning/blocking and power, picking fights so he can block people. But he has no idea what damage he's causing to the people he bans and to Wikia. This person is not suited to be an admin anywhere.

Now I am not the only one who has been maltreated by this person. I collecteda list of people that are very willing to tell you what his favorite internet pastime is (random power abuse).

I have never sought out Manticore. He is the one who was after me from the start and keeps on stalking me. I want him to stop. I never interfered with his business and i want him to stay away from mine. So i am asking you urgently to talk to this person and tell him to leave me alone. The fact that he is still an admin on Wikia is very bad publicity for you and his unsollicited interference everywhere very counterproductive for Wikia, as he chases people away and gives Wikia a bad name.

For an example of his banning hobby, follow this link and repeat search "Manticore".

you'll find me here:

I also would like to ask you this: Manticore seems to feel very at home on Uncyclopedia, especially the IRC channel. The (anti-)social atmosphere there is below all measures, as Sannse will affirm, as she is there every day too. My question: Does Wikia approve of the way people are treated on Uncyclopedia, the foul language and the sysop abuse on Uncyc and especially the channel?

With regards,

Name withheld for privacy purpose (regular wiki-username: D. G. Neree).

Email: [email protected]