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This page is an archive. The original page Wikia:Wikia's New Style may have since been updated or removed. This content is licensed under GFDL and was last retrieved on November 2008.

Image:New monaco article2.jpg
In the new version of Monaco, the content area will move up, replacing the top area that had the banner ad. For logged-in users, article pages will have a 300x250px ad unit, floated to the right. Pictures and infoboxes that are floated to the right will automatically move below the ad. The ad units will be added automatically, and won't appear in the editable wiki code.

Wikia is making some changes to the way our wikis look!

Wikia has grown tremendously over the last few years. Since our launch in 2004, Wikia has grown from one shared server to more than 6,000 communities supported by 84 servers, and a nine member community team offering help from around the world. Wikia is home to the most passionate communities on the Internet, and we're always excited to see the amazing and beautiful sites that you're creating. Our goal is to enable you to build the world's best resource on every topic.

Wikia provides more than free hosting and bandwidth. We offer technical support, great new features and extensions, promotional opportunities, and community support. Those services are provided free for all users, with costs paid by advertisers.

However, the Internet ad market is changing, and we have to change to keep up. Our challenge is to offer an attractive package to our advertisers, while maintaining the best user experience possible for our readers and editors.

  • We have to standardize the way our site looks across all wikis, using the Monaco skin for anonymous users. In the past, communities have used various skins – Monaco, Quartz or Monobook. That's a luxury that we can't afford to offer any more, as advertisers strongly prefer a consistent look-and-feel.
  • Based on your feedback, we're making some changes to Monaco that return it to more of a Monobook look and feel and moves the content higher on the page.
  • We're going to roll out a more flexible ad server that will let us vary the size, location and placement of ads.

Overall, we feel that the changes will improve the health and growth of the entire Wikia community by converting more viewers into contributors to make our communities more vibrant. At the same time, the changes will give us the resources to ensure that every wiki will be able to continue to count on Wikia for support and great service for years to come.

Communitytest.wikia has New Monaco! Check out how the new format will look.
Feel free to copy over pages and templates from your wiki, to experiment with the new format.

Changes to Monaco[edit]

A comparison of the article area using the Monobook skin, the current Monaco skin and the New Monaco skin. New Monaco has a wider content area than Monobook, with one sidebar instead of two. The Wikia header makes New Monaco slightly shorter than Monobook. The total content area is larger using New Monaco, especially as you page down through longer articles.
Image:New monaco mainpage.jpg
An example of a main page with a leaderboard and a 300x250 ad.

The following changes will be made site-wide over the next few weeks.

1. Every wiki will use Monaco as the default skin.

In the past, communities have used a variety of skins – Monaco, Quartz or Monobook. You will still be able to select alternate skins for your personal view, but Monaco will now be the default for all non logged-in users.

2. The edit bar and the content area will move up.

The edit bar will move to the top of the page. The content on the page will move up, to fill the area where the banner ad used to be. (Here's an example article on Communitytest.)

3. Article pages will have ads in the content area.

  • Ads will be running in various sizes and placements on article pages. The ads will automatically be placed in text areas using the same logic that adding an image does – the text will wrap around the ads, and they won't disrupt templates or tables. Distracting movement in the ads will be kept to a minimum.
  • Logged-in users will only see one ad unit on article pages; a 300x250 ad unit at the top right. (Example) On pages where a 300x250 ad would disrupt a table, the ad will render as a banner ad. (Example) Logged-in users will not see any other ads on article pages – no banner ads, no ads in the sidebar, and no ads further down in the article area.

4. The logo will return to the Monobook 135x155px Wiki.png image.

The New Monaco logo will use Image:Wiki.png, which most wikis have been using for Monobook. The area behind the logo can be customized using a background strip image. (See the Customizing Monaco page for more information.)

5. Main pages will be redesigned to accommodate a Leaderboard and 300x250px "tandem" ad unit.

  • There will be a new 300x250 ad unit at the top right of the main page. (You can see this right now on Communitytest, WoWWiki and Muppet Wiki).
  • To ensure the 300x250 ad unit doesn't break page main designs, we have new column formatting tags that make that redesign fairly easy. The community team will be coming around to help admins with these. If you want to get a head start on it, check out the Help page on using the new column tags. You can see the tags in action on Communitytest's main page.

6. Ads will not appear on short pages.

Short pages will have no ads at all -- see "Little page" on Communitytest as an example. The threshold is determined by the height of the article, not by a "stub" template or category.

7. Ads will only appear on article pages, image pages, preview pages and category pages.

The following pages will have no ads anywhere:
  • All talk pages – including article talk, user talk, image talk, etc.
  • User pages (example)
  • Project pages
  • MediaWiki pages (example)
  • Template pages (example)
  • Help pages (example)


  • On Tuesday, June 17th, the new version of Monaco will replace the current version. Wikis that currently use Monaco will see the edit bar move up, and ads appearing in the article pages.
  • Over the following few weeks, community and content people will be helping wikis to redesign their main page into the two-column format. We will also help wikis that are currently using Monobook to make the transition to Monaco.
  • If you would like to get a head start on redesigning your wiki's main page, check out the Help.wikia page on Main page column tags.

Why Monaco?[edit]

Monaco offers a lot of advantages as our default skin.

  • The Monaco skin is easier to customize to fit a particular community's look and feel. There are more opportunities to add color and images to the skin.
  • The page is now optimized, so the content loads faster.
  • Monaco is easier for new wiki users to understand. The majority of Internet users still don't realize that there's an "edit" button on Wikipedia. That's because on Monobook, all the important links and buttons are written in 8.5-point type. Monaco is designed to make the important stuff stand out, like the edit button and the search box.
  • When wikis have switched from Monobook to Monaco, they've seen huge jumps in the number of readers, contributors and user logins.

Communitytest.wikia has New Monaco! Check out how the new format will look.
Feel free to copy over pages and templates from your wiki, to experiment with the new format.

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