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The move is now complete. Although the wiki was uploaded onto YourWiki's servers on July 16, it took me until July 22 to fix up the wiki a bit. You can see this work on Special:RecentChanges.

Now that everything is finished, it's time to try to get used to the new site, so I'm going to explain some few changes.


This is the most important thing, so I'm discussing this first. Just as I've stated in Forum:Preparing to move, accounts from Wikia weren't transferred to YourWiki. As a result, you must recreate your accounts. However, all account information, such as contribution and edit count have been preserved. As a result, it is essential that you recreate your accounts with the same user names. If you do not use the same name as you had on Wikia, you will lose all your contributions.


Unlike Wikia, YourWiki only uses Google AdSense ads. As a result, users won't see any annoying ads on content pages. The new ads are on in the sidebar only (and I made sure that they're at the bottom of the sidebar).


Tesfanon is now using MediaWiki 1.16-alpha, so you're a few steps ahead of the old Wikia site. I also persuaded the YourWiki to keep most of our important extensions, including Semantic MediaWiki and our Forums.

Although we lost the Video namespace, we still can embed videos in articles (see Videos). We also lost our Blog namespace, but we never used any blogs anyway, so I hope that you won't mind.

In addition, we can now easily link to UESP articles through an interwiki link. Just use [[uesp:(insert article name)]] For example, [[uesp:Morrowind:Jobosha]] produces uesp:Morrowind:Jobasha.

User rights


One of the changes is the introduction of the Founder user group. This user group has the most tools and special privileges than any other user group. In this way, they "rank" higher than Administrators and Bureaucrats You can read more about this group at meta:Founders.

Project namespace

Due to an oversight during the move, the name of the Project namespace has changed from The Elder Scrolls Fanon Wiki to Elder Scrolls Fanon. However, I preferred the mistake better since it was shorter, so I decided to keep it that way.


Sorry, but none of our files (images) were transferred over, so we have to re-upload them. I already uploaded most (if not all) of all the important images. We had about 240 images on the old Wikia wiki, and most of them are probably not needed. If you lost your image, feel free to re-upload them. An copy of those images should still be at the old Wikia site. Sorry for any confusion.

I hope that you like the changes.
--Michaeldsuarez (Talk) (Contrib) 20:40, July 22, 2009 (UTC)


If there are any questions, suggestions, or comments, feel free to leave them on the talk page.